Lover Of The Void

by Pin Eyes

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"Lover Of The Void" is the first album of the long journey of Pin Eyes. Made in solo, this EP mixes only folk/clean guitars and some voices. It is up to set the ambience of the band and makes you travel along with the stories that are told in it.

About these stories, they were made with a heart describing what's happening in the subconcious of every person that feels the need to be in love, but doesn't understand the relationships between people. I believe that everybody has experienced this hunger for solitude at a point in life, and can recognize himself in these stories.



released March 27, 2013

Pretty much everything : Johan
Graphic Works : Thomas Jestin
Great Inspiration : Luke




Pin Eyes Aix En Provence, France

Pin Eyes was born when the man behind came to the world. But it wasn't "Pin Eyes", at first. It was "Quadriplegic". He first played his compositions live at 15 or 16. Don't remember. Because that's when "Myosis" begun. No more solo live plays, but a much more researched musical style, call it "Experimental Folk". Then, "Myosis" became "Pin Eyes". That's pretty much all of it. Peace ! ... more

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Track Name: Tears On A Helmet
When the protection cries,
When the soldiers loses it all
The armor is pierced but
There's nothing you can see.

Rusty marks on the iron
Confuses the perfect reflection
But the vision is still
Seeing the world
Through his holes, the whole world.

So as the old nail of a plank
Exposed to the faddy wheather,
The shield became the man,
And the man could not be healed.

Years later at the end of the fight,
As it is time to recover your face
The blight of the cap retain
From removing it.

From holes you've been seeing,
Drilled your soul should be.

You've cried too long on a mask,
Buried too deep your real task
You forgot to be happy,
That was a long time too easy...
Track Name: Mice
Escaped, escaped,
Little mouse in a cage
Escaped, escaped,
Little mouse got older.

Surrendered, surrendered,
Way to fast in the sun.
Surrendered, surrendered,
Way to cold, though the heat.

Nowadays, nowadays,
Little mice in the cages.
Nowadays, nowadays,
They're stuck in their, obeiding.
Track Name: Lover Of The Void
All that I have left to say
All that has been hid.
By the trees of our love,
Behind the trees of our love.

I could have waited all the day, all along,
I did not see the point to stay and wait for a ghost.
I would be so shivering that my knees would all break up.
And the rain would just start fulfilling my lungs.

Let me speak from my grave,
Do you hear the finger knocking ?
A lugubre prayer from the dead,
Crawling onto our heads.

But let me tell you that there is something that is on my mind.
And that I can't get rid of it, oh, just like that.
I'm not looking for an answer nor even a sign.
I just want you to nod your head and accept the fact.

That, Oh, you are, the one...
Track Name: My Body Is A Mess
What are these things that keeps me up,
Why the hell am I not crying ?
What is this will to scream out loud,
While lost in the middle of the night ?

Am I trying too hard
To be what I'm not ?
Am I losing the grip
To be more like me ?

I am bloody stuck !
Always walking backwards.
My footprints leads my steps,
I am willing for a rest.

And always tired everyday,
My body is a dirty mess.
My body is a mess !
But my mind will not fade !